March 13, 2018

Artist Talk by Riku Riippa on Wednesday 14th of March at 6 pm

Riku Riippa is a sculptor from Kälviä. He is a former student of the Nordic Art School and has graduated from Academy of Art in Helsinki 2003. He has exhibited all around Finland.

                                       Ceramics, 2015                                     Plaster, 2013

You are very welcome to meet the artist on Wednesday 14th of March at 6 pm.

Link to web-page: Riku Riippa

March 7, 2018

Artist Talk by Meri Linna & Tilda Dalunde on Wednesday 7th of March at 6 pm

PROJECT RETREAT 10th - 19th of February 2018

- Retreat is a project that examines the absence of light through the context of visual art -

During 10 days at the Retreat in the Nordic Art School, the Swedish artist Tilda Dalunde was examining how the absence of light was affecting the use of her language in writing. 

Tilda wrote down some thoughts before entering the room:
How will my thinking and writing be effected by the absence of light? Who am I without everything my eyes let into my brain and the safety of being able to judge my surroundings with sight? What will want to be written? What will come after the boredom, that I’m sure comes first, as a result of the absence of distractions: no computer, no phone, no book, no knitting, nothing to see? Who am I in that situation? With only a pen and a paper in the dark.

You can read more about Tildas thoughts on going in to the room at

At the Artist Talk on the 7th of February Tilda and Meri will tell about, and go through the details of the accomplished project.

You are very welcome!

February 9, 2018

Artist Talk by Sonia Hedstrand on Wednesday 14th of February at 6pm

Sonia Hedstrand is a Swedish artist who works with video, photography, text and performance.  Alumn from Whitney Independent Study Program, New York, 2012. Master in Fine Arts from the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm 2011. Takes part in several artist run initiatives and collaborations such as Nollywood Hustlers, The Drinking Brothers, The Unsecurity Principle and 0s+1s Collective. Freelancing writer in the essay format, as well as a teacher and lecturer at several art schools and universities in Sweden and abroad.

You have the opportunity to meet Sonia during her Artist Talk on Wednesday 14th of February at 6 pm. Very welcome!

February 1, 2018

Artist Talk by Tilda Dalunde on Wednesday 7th of February at 6 pm

Tilda Dalunde (SE) is having her Artist Talk on Wednesday 7th of February. Warmly welcome!

Artist Statement:

I see art as a negotiation with reality; a way of understanding, but also the realisation that understanding always brings up more questions. My work starts as a way of questioning the world of today and where we humans fit into it. I often let historical events and scientific theories form a base when I investigate what is, and what could have been. I'm interested in the balances between beauty and disgust and the balance between obvious and vague.

Through subjects as diverse as the global natural disaster of 536 CE, Charles Darwin's relationship with islands, and my grandmother's disappearance into the world of dementia, I want to tell stories by presenting fragments. I'm fascinated by the idea that these fragments can be put together as a whole inside of a observer, that this is the creation of the finished artwork and that it only exists there, inside that particular observer.

I use a variety of materials and techniques, but my way of working always originates from exploring, rather than inventing meaning. An important part of this exploration is to approach and get to know new materials. I usually choose materials quite early in the process and the materials thereby become part of the limitations I give myself, but it also makes them co-authors of the story I tell. During research and experimentation new questions and thoughts emerge that in time will form the new base for my next project.

January 29, 2018

Artist Talk by Juhani Järvinen on Wednesday 31th of January at 6 pm

Juhani Järvinen is a visual artist from Helsinki who studied at the (current) Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, in the 1970s. He is interested in art history and this interest can be seen in all his works over the years.

Juhani left Helsinki shortly after he graduated, because he did not like the idea that the contact network is so important and relevant to the artist. Later, however, he noticed that to be an artist is a profession that is difficult to understand without being in touch with others.

Print, Italian architecture

Gothic inspired sculpture

You have the opportunity to meet Juhani during hi Artist Talk on Wednesday 31th of January at 6 pm. Very welcome!

Link to website: Juhani Järvinen

January 24, 2018

Artist Talk by Sofia Wilkman on Wednesday 24th of January at 6 pm

Sofia Wilkman, born in Helsinki 1956, works as a visual artist. Her artwork is presented in the most important Finnish collections, such as Kiasma, Amos Anderson Art Museum, State of Finland etc.

 Room III, 2005, 160x180cm acrylic

You have the opportunity to meet Sofia during her Artist Talk on Wednesday 24th of January at 6 pm. Very welcome!

January 17, 2018

Artist Talk by Sandra Flores on Wednesday 17th of January at 6 pm

Sandra Flores is from Mexico and is at the moment as an Artist in Residence at Drake Art Center in Kokkola. 

Sandra is an Architect with a master in Anthropology studies, these disciplines in combination led her to explore and expose Urban images, as a participatory observation of inhabit areas, to create mind cultural images as embroidery pieces. 

The dynamic of this consists in walking around with the intention to recollect images of the place, and the graphics of these activities will be registered through embroidery lines and shapes over textile layers.

You have the opportunity to meet Sandra during her Artist Talk on Wednesday 17th of January at 6 pm. Very welcome!

January 9, 2018

Artist Talk by David Hedderman on Wednesday 10th of January at 6pm

David Hedderman is an Irish artist who has been living and working in Berlin for the last ten years. David's art is comprised of drawing and painting, it merges elements of life drawing with portraiture bringing forth a contemporary relevance, today.

Over the last seven years, he has been teaching life drawing classes from his studio. These classes have also taken the form of intensive weekend workshops. David has exhibited his work in both solo and group shows in Berlin and Ireland, where he was awarded the Hennessey Craig Scholarship from the Royal Hibernian Academy in 2015 for painting.

Last year, David was commissioned to write a book examining and exploring the various aspects of drawing. The book, entitled Draw, was published last year through Ammonite Press.

Charcoaloil bar on paper 2017 84 x 73 cm

 Hope 2011 oil on canvas 75 x 85 cm 

You have the opportunity to meet David during his Artist Talk on Wednesday 10th of January at 6 pm. Very welcome!

Link to website: David Hedderman

December 12, 2017

Artist Talk by Aleksander Andreassen on Wednesday 13th of December at 6pm

Aleksander Johan Andreassen is a Norwegian artist and filmmaker living in Oslo, Norway. His works have been displayed at group exhibitions and film festivals in Norway and abroad. Aleksander mainly works with film and video installations, and in his work he seeks to give voice to both the discombobulating and vulnerable traits of human conduct. Aleksander got his bachelor’s degree at Bergen Academy of Art and Design in Bergen, Norway and his master’s degree at Konstfack University college in Stockholm, Sweden.


At the Artist Talk on Wednesday Aleksander will show his movie "Strim" (19 minutes, 2017) and tell about the process of the movie. Strim won the Golden Chair for best Norwegian short film at the Norwegian short film festival 2017.

Link to website: Aleksander Andreassen

November 15, 2017


Application open during 1.11 - 30.11.2017

Interested in Contemporary Fine Art? Aiming for further studies at an International Art Academy? Do you need to work on your portfolio? Do you wish for personal guidance in that matter? Welcome to the Nordic Art School!