October 25, 2016

Artist Talk by Pierre Lionel Matte

Pierre Lionel Matte is our current guest teacher giving a course in Art History at the Nordic Art School. In his own artistic practice he focus mostly on sculpture, photography, installations, video and texts. He has exhibited in e g Poland, New York and all over Norway.

Pierre Lionel Matte, Machine spirits, 2011.
Pierre Lionel Matte, Things not said, 2007.

Tuesday 25th of October you'll meet Pierre Lionel Matte when he gives his Artist Talk at the Nordic Art School at 6 p.m. Welcome!

On Wednesday evening the 26th of October at 6 p. m. Pierre will give an extra public lecture about The Istanbul Biennale 2015. Warmly welcome!

Link to Pierre Lionel Matte's website


September 26, 2016

Artist Talk by Vaidas Bagonas

Vaidas Bagonas is a Lithuanian Concept Artist and Illustrator currently based in Finland, Kokkola. At the moment he works as a freelance Lead Concept Artist/Art Director for Computer Games and Publishing. He has worked with world known companies like LEGO, Ubisoft, Ghost VFX  to name a few. During his career he worked on projects like Pacific Rim, Lego Mindstorms EV3, Trials Fusion, Trials Of The Blood Dragon and more. Recently he moved to Kokkola with his family for a brief time before returning to his home country. Vaidas is very excited to share his knowledge and experience with everyone interested.

Project: Juhyana, Client: GhostVFX.

Cooling Room video printscreen.jpg
Project: Juhyana, Client: GhostVFX.

Project: Koodi elämä, client: Sanoma Pro
Talk topic:

“Importance of skill and craftsmanship in entertainment industries today”

Vaidas Bagonas will keep his Artist Talk on 27th of September at 6pm. Warmly welcome!

Link to Vaidas Bagonas website

September 16, 2016

Artist Talk by Karstein Volle

Karstein Volle is during week 38-39 keeping a fanzine/drawing workshop at the Nordic Art School. Karstein is from Oslo but he lives and worksnowadays in Helsinki, Finland. In his own artistic practice he focus mostly on drawings, comics, illustrations and graphic design.

New times, new jobs I: Band name inventor

New times, new jobs III: Microbrew tester
Contribution to Ragaboksen.
Karstein Volle will keep his Artist Talk on 20th of September at 6 pm. Warmly welcome!
Link to Karstein Volle's webpage.

September 13, 2016

Artist talk by Pauliina Pietilä

In following Artist talk you'll meet painter Pauliina Pietilä. Pauliina is a former student from NAS and graduated MFA from Malmö Art Academy in 2011. She has exhibited in the Nordic countries and nowadays based in Malmö.

Ronnebygatan, 130x160 cm, Oil on canvas, 2015

Antikvariatet, 160x225 cm, Oil on canvas, 2014
You'll meet Pauliina in her Artist Talk 13th of September at 6 p.m. Welcome!

Link to Pauliinas blog

September 6, 2016

Artist Talk by Erno Enkenberg on 6th of September

Finnish artist Erno Enkenberg has a BA from Wimbledon Art School in UK and a MFA - exam from the University of Fine Arts in Helsinki. In his art, he works with three dimensional models and photorealistic painting. His works have been shown both in Finland, Denmark and in London. Erno will participate in the groupexhibition "Hypnosis'' in Galleria Hubosepea in Tallin, Estonia. The exhibition will be open from the 21st of September.

You have the opportunity to meet Erno Enkenberg during his Artist Talk Tuesday 6th of September at 6 p.m. Very welcome!
Ernos own web

June 16, 2016

Additional application!

We now have the opportunity to arrange an additional application for a couple of vacant full-time study places in the incoming school year 2016-17.

Don’t hesitate to apply to our school if you are interested in fine art studies with focus on contemporary art. The whole year is packed with great courses and workshops, led by international and professional artists as our guest teachers.

Are you planning for future studies at an international Art Academy? We can professionally guide you in making you portfolio and work proofs for application. One or two years of studies at the Nordic Art School will provide you with a valuable contact network and help you in building a solid ground for your own personal artistry.

Your application can be made through the application link at the left and sent to us digitally between the 1st and the 15th of of August 2016 on info(at)nordiskakonstskolan.fi
Good luck and have a fabulous summer!

May 18, 2016

Application deadline on the 23rd of May!

It’s time to apply to our full-time 2-year Study programme in Fine Art which starts on the 31st of August 2016!

The Nordic Art School has a history of over 30 years of high standard art education. In our school you will have the possibility to study under the guidance of professional visual artists not only from the Nordic countries, but from several other European countries as well. The tuition is given in English.

In our international setting you will automatically get a broad network of contacts and also have the possibility to participate in several exhibitions.  We annually organize study-trips, one to Helsinki and one abroad, gallery visits and public art projects.

The Nordic Art School offers a spacious and functional work environment. All students get their own studios.

Each year a multitude of professional artists are giving lectures and workshops either thematically or according to specific techniques.

In the school year of 2015 and 2016 we will be visited by a total of about 25 guest artists.

Finnish painter Jyrki Riekki gives a workshop in mural painting and Pauliina Pietilä (FI/SE) teaches in photorealistic painting. 

Estonian artist Berit Talpsepp-Jaanisoo teaches in sculpting and Rut Karin Zettergren (SE) gives the workshop art@internet.
Norwegian Karstein Volle teaches in drawing and gives a Zine-workshop, while Sonia Hedstrand (SE) teaches about the possibilities of The Photo Novel.

In our well-equipped print making studio e g Fredrik Lindqvist (SE/D) and Janika Herlevi (FI) gives workshops in woodcut, monoprints and experimental print techniques.

A photo course will be given by Austrian artist Markus Oberndorfer and Finnish artist Henna-Riikka Ahonen lectures about portfolio and artist statements.

Our main teacher Erno Enkenberg (FI) is keeping several courses for both first and second year students. His courses include e g painting, drawing, photography and 3D model building. Our director of studies, Annika Bergvik-Forsander (FI) is also teaching and gives courses in drawing, collage, painting and art history.

In addition there will also be courses in e g video, photoshop, installation, performance, drawing and animation.

A year of study full of possibilities for you as a student of NAS!

The application form and instructions can be found to the upper left of this page.

May 10, 2016

Artist talk by Jane Huges tuesday 10th of May at 6 pm

Jane Huges is during week 19 & 20 keeping a course called ''Politics of Displacement'' at the Nordic Art School. Jane is born in Dublin but she lives and works at in Berlin. Jane has done art projects in Germany, Finland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Russia and Iceland. In her own artistic work she focus on painting, drawing, video, installation and montage.

How time feels series (Acrylic on wood panel 2016)

How time feels series (acrylic on wood panel 2016)
Jane Huges will keep her Artist Talk on 10th of May at 6 pm. Warmly welcome!
Link to Jane Huge's webpage

April 29, 2016

BIZARRE 6.5 - 26.5.2016

Nordic Art School's second and third year students show their works at the group exhibition BIZARRE at Tobaksmagasinet in Jakobstad during 6.5-26.5.2016. Several techniques are presented: drawing, painting, printmaking, photography and 3 videoinstallations, all made during the school year.

Tina Jokitalo - Spatial tide (video)

Iris Nykänen - Self-esteem (installation)

Samuel Moilanen - Abstract architecture #3

Participating students from Nordic Art School: Alexander Granqvist, Fanny Hallgren, Barbara Jazbec, Tina Jokitalo, Samuel Moilanen and Iiris Nykänen and Sanna Vehkapuro.

The exhibition is sponsored by Svenska Kulturfonden and Svenska-Österbottniska samfundet and is open until 26th of May, 2016. Welcome!

April 26, 2016

Artist talk by Agnor Marti Fernandez on Tue 26th of April at 6 pm

The current Artist in Residens in the Drake Arts Centre in Kokkola is Agenor Marti Fernandez. Agenor is from US and in his own artistic practice he focus on mixed media.

Agenor Marti Fernandez will keep his artist talk 26th of April at 6 pm. Warmly welcome!

Link to Agenor Marti Fernandez' webpage.