September 19, 2011

Equality within the Nordic Art Scene

The programme
We're now about to explore the Nordic Art Scene from the equality perspective!
The Nordic countries are world wide known for their democracy. But what about the contemporary art field? The art world should embrace new creative ideas, flexibility, humanism, openness on all levels. Do artists nowadays have the same rights and possibilites? Or is it still superior to be male and white? What about gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, education and place of residence?Do these facts still have an impact on the artists career possibilities? Are the stiff hierarchies of the art world finally beginning to loosen up? Or is equality still just an empty word?

Nordic Art School invites you to a two day seminar Equality - Utopia or reality within the Nordic Contemporary Art Scene 6th to 7th of October in Kokkola. The lectures on Thursday present the gender issue from a historical perspective, alternative spaces and scenes, Mongolian wrestling as a strategy, investigates scenes and shows an intercultural mentor program for artists in Denmark. The workshop on Friday critically investigates the participants surroundings, aiming to broaden the awarness of feministic issues.