September 21, 2012

Park(ing) Day 21st of September

Nordic Art School, together with guest teacher Jesper Aabille and a group of second grade students brings the International event, Park(ing) Day, to Kokkola on Friday 21st of September. Everyone is welcome to the pop-up - park on Rantakatu (Beach Street) on Friday afternoon between 3 and 5 p.m. for a chill out moment, to enjoy a cup of coffee or chai. In case of rain, there will be umbrellas to lend. The park is placed in a rented parking lot outside the Mediakulma (Media Corner).

The idéa with the Park(ing) Day started in San Fracicso USA in 2005 . A group of interdisciplinary artists called the Rebar noticed that most of the public space in the city were used for storing private vehicles, as parking lots, increasing traffic and pollution. The citizens of San Francisco had far too few parks and places where they could enjoy themselves in a clean and fresh environment. They came up with the idea of creating temporary parks in the town center by renting a parking lot. The idea has spread worldwide by urban inhabitants in need of cultural and political expression, wanting to re-create the character of the city - even temporarily. The event allways takes places on 21st of September and everybody is welcome to join the event in their own home city. Park(ing) Day has been produced in Helsinki and now in Kokkola, for the first time ever.

For more information about the Park(ing) Day, check

More about Jesper Aabille, danish artist and guest teacher at NAS, who came up with the idea of a Park(ing) Day in Kokkola