April 9, 2013

The Gallery will be Presented in a Group Exhibition

The starting point for this exhibition is the actual format of the Gallery VISU space. The
gallery will be presented as the subject for our study and become present through a series of site-specific works. Entering the gallery you will most certainly notice Björn Lönnroths charcoal wall drawings around the door openings, highlighting the movements in, out and around the space. Taken as a model a church entrance, shifting from squared doors to arches, they suggest another interpretation of the space.

 By sealing off parts of the windows and blocking everything but the sky in the window view,
Kajsa Ignestam cuts off the outside world and narrative from her own perspective. Looking
out the window from a certain position she follows the line of the cityscape and titles her
window installation “Wall”.
Tomas Jakobsson is questioning the very wall itself by making the walls "talk". The wall
presents it selves in the form of a text. Noticing how a certain object changes in colors according to how the natural light is shifting throughout the day, Leena Ojutkangas focuses on another of these objects that will always be present interior detail, the sockets. Her work is presented as Inkjet color prints hanging on the wall.
By repositioning the fluorescent light fixtures and transforming them from hidden into most
present objects Sami Väisänen changes the whole structure of the room. The recorded sound of the actual light fixtures is being played back as a soundtrack to the physical intervention in the space.

Khalid Imran draws our attention to the ceiling. Some of the spotlights are being reproduced
as wall paintings using the color model and graphic color printing technique CMYK.

On the same height and next to the actual ventilation holes, Miika Luhti presents a series of
photorealistic wall drawings of the same holes, which he then multiplies throughout the space. Placed on the floor fitting the pattern of the wood laminate flooring, two installation paintings by Mira Roivainen is to be found. The paintings titled "Real/Fake" are adding a new dimension to the actual fake laminate flooring of the Gallery VISU.

Placed in the corner, where the floor meets the wall, is an aquarelle painting on paper by Mari Mattila titled "Corner". The painting, that measures one meter times eighty centimeters is positioned on top of the very object for her study.

Kajsa Ignestam, Khalid Imran, Tomas Jakobsson, Miika Luhti, Björn Lönnroth, Mari Mattila, Leena Ojutkangas, Mira Roivainen and Sami Väisänen.

The exhibition will be open April 12 until May 11 2013.
Opening hours: Tuesday – Wednesday 12 a.m. – 4, Thursday 4 – 8,  Friday – Saturday 12 a.m. – 4 p.m.