December 2, 2013

Artist Talk 3.12

Karin Lindh is an artist who lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Her artistic practise revolves around today’s desire culture: how commodity- and growth fetishism affect our relationship to space, place, politics and our experience of landscape. Karin works primarily with sculpture, text and performance. Her recent exhibitions include The Magnificient Boutique at Färgfabriken in Stockholm, Travelogue as Allegory at the Academy of Art, STAD håller öppet at the Architecture Museum in Stockholm, Örebro Open Art and Elizabeth in Gothenburg Cathedral.
Karin holds a MFA from the Royal institute of Art in Stockholm where she  took a postgraduate program in Architecture in 2008. She's the current artistic leader of NAS and you can meet her in her Artist Talk 3rd of December at 6 p.m.