February 18, 2014

Artist Talk and opening of exhibition Art as Red District

Rafi Münz from Israel is the current visiting artist in the Drake Art Centre residence in Kokkola. Münz makes sculptures, installations and paintings and he loves to teach art. Back in Israel, in his homevillage Givat Ada, he runs an art school since 30 years ago, where he teaches art for people in all ages. During his AiR period, he has been teaching model drawing at the NAS. His passion in life, besides art, is dancing.

In tonights Artist Talk, Rafi tells about his career as artist and shows pictures of his works. After his AT, there is the opening of his exhibition Art as Red District in the Basement gallery, next to NAS. This exhibition is produced during his residence period and dedicated to worlds artists, who strugle for selling their works and making their living out of art. 6 p.m. tonight at Nordic Art Shool, welcome!
Exhibition open weekdays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Link to Rafi Münz web