March 31, 2014

Artist talk by Antje Pehle, current AiR Drake Arts Centre

Antje Pehle is the current Artist in Residence in the Drake Arts Centre in Kokkola. Antje comes from Berlin, Germany. During last years, she has spent most of her time on different residences in Ostrobothnia region, like Nelimarkka residence in Alajärvi and Stundars residence in Solf. She feels a strong connection to the Ostrobothnian landscape and appreciates the clean nature and piecefulness of the region.

Antje Pehle in her studio at the Nordic Art School
 Antje Pehle mainly works with drawing. In her works, she captures the surrounding landscape or a silent snapshot of the day. She got her fine arts degree from the university of Halle in German and she has exhibited in German and Finland. The production from the residence period in Drake residence, she'll show in gallery Artista during 15th to 30th of April, 2014.

On Tuesday 1st of April, Antje is giving her Artist Talk at the NAS, at 6 p.m. She will talk about her work and about her work in Ostrobothnian residences. Very welcome!