April 4, 2014

DE E DU students exhibition at Tupakkamakasiini in Pietarsaari

Nordic Art School was founded in 1984. During the past 30 years, we have educated visually talented art-enthusiasts in Kokkola, Finland, following the trends of the contemporary art scene via our well-renomated guest teachers from all over Nordic countries and EU. This spring we have gathered the works of most of our students into a visually attractive entirety, named DE E DU (Swedish slang, meaning It is You). Most of the works shown in the exhibtion are produced in workshops held by our guest teachers during school year 2013-2014. Several different techniques are presented: contemporary and more traditional drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, installations, video and animation.

The exhibition is gathered and curated by headmaster Annika Bergvik-Forsander and guest teacher, visual artist John Court (UK/FI).

Following 16 students participate in the exhibition:
ÅK 1: Emmy Avén (SE), Daniela Haglund (FI), Jenna Kähönen (FI), Jone Mutka (FI), Brian Palmer (USA), Marianne Saarenvirta (FI), Tuomo Sundvall (FI), Martina Wärnsberg (SE), Julia Balthazar (BR)
ÅK 2: Inka Hiltunen (FI), Kajsa Ignestam (SE), Tomas Jakobsson (FI), Leena Ojutkangas (FI), Nathalie Siimes (FI)
ÅK 3: Miika Luhti (FI), Mari Mattila (FI)
The exhibition is open until 24th of April, 2014