May 12, 2014

Art Studies - Apply Now!

We offer a two-year undergraduate study in visual arts with focus on contemporary art. This year the Nordic Art School celebrates its 30th anniversary as a reputable art school and the tuition keeps a very high quality. Here people can study visual art under the guidance of professional  artists mostly from the Nordic countries but also from other European countries.
In our international milieu you will automatically gain a wide social network and under your time of studies you will have the opportunity to participate in several exhibitions. We annually arrange study-trips, gallery visits, seminars and different art projects. The Nordic Art School offers spacious and functional working environments and also individual studios to all its students. The tuition is given in English and Swedish.
The visiting professional artists  keep up-to-date workshops in different techniques and themes. In relation to our 30th anniversary celebration we will arrange an eventful  Nordic seminar upon the current theme  ”Art and money”. The Icelandic guest-artist Osk Vilhjalmsdottir will give a course on the subject related to the seminar.
The renown Finnish painter Jyrki Riekki will keep a challenging workshop by the name ”Quest for Glory” together with his Slovenian colleague JAŠAUnder the study year  Kati Immonen (FI), Pauliina Pietilä (FI/SE) and Riku Riippa (FI) among others, will  teach in different techniques of drawing and painting. 
In our well-equipped print-making workshop we will have courses in experimental woodcut with Hanne Ravn Hermansen (DK) and a course in different print-making techniques with Janika Herlevi (FI). The Swedish artist Lina Selander (SE) will keep a course in video installation and Mark Roberts (ENG) will teach video and sound.

In January there will be a painting class with the Ars Fennica-nominated Pauliina Turakka-Purhonen (FI) after which Edvard Gran (NO) and Magnus Ottertun (SE) will  keep one of their well respected and intense courses, with permissive techniques.
During the spring term we offer different courses in sculpture and three-dimensional work with Kaija Kontulainen (FI) and Berit Talpsepp-Jaanisoo (EST) among others. During spring there will also be courses in e.g. drawing, photography, environmental art and Street Art.

For the school year of 2014-2015 we warmly welcome our new head teacher Erno Enkenberg (FI) who will be taking care of different courses and projects for both first and second year students. Beside him Annika Bergvik-Forsander (FI) will also teach and tutor during the whole school year.
A year full of opportunities for you as a student at the Nordic Art School!