September 4, 2014

Money, money, money - a seminar on how global economy is affecting contemporary art

Nordic art school is celebrating 30 years of art education by arranging a seminar on contemporary art and economics. We have invited curators, art critics and critical artists to discuss the affection of the global economy on the development of the contemporary art scene in Nordic countries. 

 Money is more and more taking over the development of the Nordic Contemporary Art Scene. Art is no more about expression, it's about making success and selling things. How are the artists doing on an art scene that is demansing entrepreneurship and producing for a money market? Do they adapt to the ongoing trend or stick to their own school?

Ou lecturers are: Laura Köönikkä (FI) art curator and producer, Jussi Koitela (FI) curator and visual artist, David Karlsson (SE) intellectual historian and cultural journalist, Anders Eiebakke (NO), boarder crossing visual artist and also Ósk Vilhjalmsdottir (ISL) provocative visual artist.

The seminar is held at Sokos Hotel Kaarle in Kokkola. 23rd of September, 2014 . Announcements info(at) on 17th of September the latest. Seminar fee 20 €, including lunch and coffee. The seminar is arranged by Nordic Art School and VISU gallery and is a part of the Bothnia Biennale 2014. 

For room reservations, we recommend you to contact Sokos hotell Kaarle, where the seminar is held. The hotel is on a walking distance from the railway station and the air port shuttle stops at the hotel entrance.