May 5, 2015

Apply 22nd of May the latest

It’s time to apply to our school!

We offer a two-year, contemporary art focused, basic art education program. The Nordic Art School has a history of over 30 years of high standard art education. In our school you will have the possibility to study under the guidance of professional visual artists not only from the Nordic countries, but from several other European countries as well.

In our international setting you will automatically get a broad network of contacts and also have the possibility to participate in several exhibitions.  We annually organize study-trips, gallery visits, seminars and different art projects. During the 2015-2016 semesters we’ll make study trips to London and Helsinki.

The Nordic Art School offers a spacious and functional work environment. All the students get their own studios. The tuition is given both in English and Swedish.

During the year of study a multitude of professional artists are keeping interesting workshops in different techniques. In the fall semester Cecilia Öhman (SE) is giving a fascinating course called ”Light, Space and Architecture”. Sonia Hedstrand (SE) is giving a both political and urban course called ”Video and Activism”.

Alvaro Campo (SE) and Gaston Bertin (FR/ESP) are keeping an outdoor workshop called ”Together Something Else”, which deals with artistic work in public space.

There will be courses in metal printmaking with Marianne Kaustinen (FI) and experimental graphic techniques with Janika Herlevi (FI) in our well-equipped printmaking workshop.

The Finnish artists Eeva-Riitta Eerola (FI) and Jenni Toikka (FI) are keeping a thematic course with optional techniques.

Our main teacher Erno Enkenberg (FI) is keeping several courses for both first and second year students. His courses include painting, drawing, photography and building 3D models among, other things. Our director of studies, Annika Bergvik-Forsander (FI) is also teaching and coaching during the whole year. She also gives courses in drawing, painting, art history and art theory.

In the spring semester Kaija Kontulainen (FI) and Berit Talpsepp-Jaanisoo (EST) are giving courses in sculpture and three-dimensional techniques. In spring term there will also be a course in performance around the theme of ”Identity” with the iranian Sepideh Sadatizarrini and the bulgarian Lora Ivanova Dimona.

Beside all of this there will be courses in drawing, painting, silkscreen and animation among other things.

A year of study full of possibilities for you as a student of NAS!

An application form and instructions can be found to the upper left of the page.