October 29, 2015

Artist talk by Jimmy Pulli on 3rd of November at 19.00

Jimmy Pulli works as a Regional artist in Nordic collaboration for the Arts Promotion Centre in Ostrobothnia. In his own artistic work he focuses on sculpture based installations. Jimmy is based in Vasa and he has done art projects all around Finland, but also in Germany, Netherlands and Bulgaria.

Jimmy will have his Artist Talk on Tuesday 3rd of November at 19.00 (please notice the time change). 


Hang the DJ: The installation "Hang the DJ", together with Marcus Lerviks at the "Vaasa by Light" event in Vaasa 2014. 50cm mirror ball, wire, LED spot.
Mind Over Matter (photo series) (2013): Photos of the remains of iteration one of the art installation "Present-Tense", turned on their side. Photo print on aluminium.

Surium (2013): Installation in Vaasa Arthall: birchwood, motion-activated sound (a piece composed and performed by Girilal Baars, played through 4 separate speakers in sequences starting and stopping according to movements around the artwork).