January 25, 2016

Artist talk by Minjee Kim on Tue 26th of January at 6 pm

The current Artist in Residence in the Drake Arts Centre  in Kokkola is Minjee Kim. Minjee is based in South Korea. She has graduated in visual arts from Korea National University of Arts in Seoul.


''Girlish and sentimental remark about the surrounding world is the key feature defining the nature of my painting. I depict banal objects, trivial events, and memories of acquainting people. Petty objects are isolated from its surrounding context and enlarged to highlight its existence. In a glance my works may seem to portray the naïve lightness and the kitsch of pop art. However, taking a second look, it reflects intimate dialogue and warm perspective towards life surrounding me.''
Minjee Kim will keep her artist talk 26th of January at 6 pm. Warmly welcome!

Link to Minjee Kim's webpage.