June 16, 2016

Additional application!

We now have the opportunity to arrange an additional application for a couple of vacant full-time study places in the incoming school year 2016-17.

Don’t hesitate to apply to our school if you are interested in fine art studies with focus on contemporary art. The whole year is packed with great courses and workshops, led by international and professional artists as our guest teachers.

Are you planning for future studies at an international Art Academy? We can professionally guide you in making you portfolio and work proofs for application. One or two years of studies at the Nordic Art School will provide you with a valuable contact network and help you in building a solid ground for your own personal artistry.

Your application can be made through the application link at the left and sent to us digitally between the 1st and the 15th of of August 2016 on info(at)nordiskakonstskolan.fi
Good luck and have a fabulous summer!