April 7, 2017

Artist Talk by Kitty Kamp on 11th of April at 6 pm

Kitty Kamp predominantly works with video and draws upon the history of cinema, art and performance. She is from The Netherlands and is currently residing in Brussels. Kitty has a keen interest in writing, and she pursues a critical approach of her role as an artist and the situation of contemporary art. Her focus lies on the mystification that arises from demystification and the process of (making) things. Kitty Kamp has a BFA and MFA in Fine Arts at Sint-Lukas Brussels, Belgium and is during April 2017 a guest Artist at Drake Arts Centre in Kokkola. 
Still from 'Love and Destroy' 2016
'Directing Cinema' 2016

Kitty Kamp will keep her Artist Talk on the 11th of April at 6 pm. Warmly welcome!