October 2, 2017

Artist Talk by Vanna Bowles on Wednesday 4th of October at 6 pm

Vanna Bowles (born 1974 in Gothenburg) explores the medium of drawing in combination with sculpture, objects and performance. She operates a figurative and surreal idiom, often using optical effects and reliefs that destabilize the dividing line between the surface of the image and the spectator’s surrounding space. Bowles’s imagery is concentrated around birds, insects, reptiles, pieces of nature and parts of the human body. She assembles her work in constellations that become intricate three-dimensional collages. The subject matters of her work are often gathered from medicine, zoology and botany. Baroque anatomical theatres and the ways bodies were depicted during this period have influenced her images. Focus lay on aspects of vulnerability. Her use of fragile and perishable materials, left bare and exposed to the elements further underscore this overall theme.

Bowles lives and works in Oslo, and her work has previously been exhibited in, among other institutions; Museum De Domijnen in The Netherlands, Lars Bohman Gallery in Stockholm, Kunstnerforbundet in Oslo, Malmö Art Museum, KIASMA in Helsinki and the Stenersen Museum in Oslo. Her work is part of several collections such as Malmö Art Museum, Gothenburg City Council, The Swedish Art Council, Statoil Art Collection and Lillehammer Art Museum.
Table Parables 2017 

Trancending Parrot Performance 2017

You have the opportunity to meet Vanna during her Artist Talk on Wednesday 4th of October at 6 pm. Very welcome! 

Link to Vanna Bowles website