November 14, 2017

Artist Talk by Marlet Heckhoff on Wednesday 15th of November at 6 pm

Marlet Heckhoff (b.1983) is an artist from Leipzig, Germany. She focuses mainly on painting and within her pictures she is dealing with urban environments, such as architecture, construction sides, funfairs – all places that make industrial structures visible. She is interested in the patterns that emerge. In her paintings she transforms parts of these patterns onto the surface of the canvas and puts it into a new context. Marlet shows her work frequently at exhibitions throughout Germany. 

 "Pylon" Mixed Media auf Leinwand 30 x 40 cm - Marlet Heckhoff

"Barke" Mixed Media auf Leinwand 110 x 145 cm

You have the opportunity to meet Marlet during her Artist Talk on Wednesday 15th of November at 6 pm. Very welcome! 

Link to website: Marlet Heckhoff