Drake Arts Center is an international artists residency situated in Kokkola's old town, in the heart of Neristan. For the visiting artists the residency offers a flat of ca. 40 m2 in a refurbished old wooden house in the back-yard of the Drake house museum, a part of the K.H. Rendlund's Museum. 

The Drake Arts Centre/ Residency is run by a consortium of three institutions: the Central Ostrobothnia Provincial Museum, the Kokkola Town Theatre and the Nordic Art School. 

The programme aims at encouraging open and unbiased interaction between different fields of art through contact with the cultural institutions of the region. Contact between the artists and the local public is encouraged.To this end applications which offer concrete artistic or/and public production in connection with or after the residency are favoured. Forms of production could be a work of art, a public performance or an open lecture.

Application deadline is once a year, 30th of September. The residence periods vary from one week to six months.Write a letter in your own words and state the preferred time and lenght of residency, a plan for residency projects and productions during and after the stay. Also enclose your cv or description of your artistic work, recommendations, if any, and information of your partner organisation, if any.
The application can be sent by e-mail or letter to the residence secretary, whose contact information can be found down below. Information about the residency is provided by the secretary.
Descision on the accepted applicants is taken by the board of the residence.The accepted guest artist will recieve a formal invitation.
Additional information about the Drake arts center and the residency programme is provided by the secretary of the residency, Stina Kangasvieri, Phone: +358 47 780 9474, e-mail:

The application and the attachments will not be returned.

Next application deadline is the 30th of September 2017, for the period December 2017 to November 2018.

Homepage of The Drake Arts Centre Residence

Minjee Kim's exhibition ''Of teabags and napkins and colors and patterns'' ,  February 2016

 Marina Marinova's (IT) exhibition '''METAFOREST Forest's Metaphors for Life'', October 2016.

Anni Tiainen, December 2014

Artist duo Yunrubin from Singapore/Denmark exhibited in VISU gallery in May 2014

Jonas Rubin, half of Yunrubin, in AiR artists studio

German artist Antje Pehle exhibited her drawings in Galleria Artista in April 2014

Stefano Cagol from Italy awakened the old Harriniemi light house in December 2013...

... and his video installation was projected on the library wall in Januari 2014 (Photos by Stefano Cagol)

 Stefano Cagols videoprojection can also be seen on Youtube.

Amélie Beaudroit from Toulouse, France, worked in the drake residence in July 2013. Her stay resulted in the exhibition "28 Days of Northern Light", inspired by the light nights in summer-Finland and Kalevala, the Finnish national epos.

Dancers Eleni Pierides and Taneli Törmä in front of their videoinstallation at the library in February 2013

Sarah Hillerecht 2012. Wood Sculptures

Seabstian Mügge, Umeå. AiR Drake spring 2012

Sebastian Mügge, Umeå. AiR Drake spring 2012

          Sarah Hillebrecht, Bremen, AiR Drake spring 2012

Mari Mathlin, Finland, AiR spring 2011

Maris' sound installation

Sculptures by Humbolt Magnussen, CAN, AiR autumn 2011