THE NORDIC ART SCHOOL is a dynamic and contemporary art school, situated in the bilingual City of Kokkola on the Finnish west coast. The School offers a two-year study programme in Contemporary art,  with the possibility for a third year of advanced studies. The education consists of full-time studies based  on a well functioning system of visiting professional artists keeping two week long workshops. The school is annually visited by about 25 guest-teachers.

For artists and especially skilled students, it is possible to be accepted directly to the second grade. It is also possible to take separate workshops and courses by agreement.

The schools position as an independent educational institute guarantees flexibility and good opportunities for concentration with an exclusively art-oriented schedule.
The project-emphasized and focused work makes the Nordic Art School comparable to an art academy in miniature.


All courses are compulsory for the first and second year students. Tuition is given both in groups as well as individually. Independent studies and work are also part of the education and all the students have access to an own studio. The director of studies and the artistic director continuously follow up the student’s artistic development. The guest-teachers also give the students possibilities for individual studio-discussions. All the students are expected to take responsibility over their own studies and be self-motivated to disciplined work.

The education has its focus on contemporary art and its varying forms of expression. In the workshops, students are able to develope the basic and technical skills in different techniques. The schedule offers courses in most drawing and painting techniques, various printmaking techniques, sculpting and three-dimensional works, installations and site-specific projects, animation, multimedia art, performance and community art.

ALL OF OUR TEACHERS ARE PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS of whom many also teach at other art schools and academies. The guest-teachers always give tuition in their own fields of specialization, which makes both basic and in-depth learning possible. Due to a continuous engagement of new teachers, our study plan is dynamic and keeps up with the times. Through the guest-teachers and your co-students you have opportunities to build up a social network that will be beneficial for the rest of your life.

The guest-teachers plan their courses independently, and each course is treated as a separate unit. Special theoretical lectures are arranged to complement the practical work. Occasionally shorter, optional courses are arranged in the weekends.

Teaching hours at the school take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays between 9 am and 4 pm. On Wednesdays and Thursdays between 12 am and 8 pm. Aside from that, the students have the possibility of working in the schools facilities during evenings and weekends.

On Wednesdays at 6:00 pm an Artist Talk is held, where the current guest-teachers present their own artistic work.

On Thursdays at 6:00 pm Croquis or Life Drawing Class is arranged. Both evening tuitions are a part of the study plan and therefore compulsory.

The language mostly used in teaching and lectures is English, while the administrative language is Swedish.


The school boasts a large, beautiful painting studio, a combined lecture room and computer classroom with  Adobe CC equipped iMAC:s and some PC:s,  a wood workshop and an art library. The school also has access to a very well-equipped printmaking studio and a ceramics workshop.  All students have the possibility to have an own studio. Down below on this page you can find some pictures of different studios.

wood workshop
the big hall/ the stage

the big painting hall

printmaking workshop


One school year consists of two semesters, fall and spring. The tuition fee is 790€ per semester and includes all teaching, tuition and personal instruction. The students pay for a portion of the working materials themselves.


A one-week long study trip is made each year to some interesting art-metropol in Europe. In recent years the school has visited, among other places, Berlin, London, Glasgow, Barcelona and St. Petersburg. In the spring of 2017 the trip was to Berlin.
A study trip to Helsinki is made every fall, where we e.g. visit art exhibitions and the Academy of Fine Arts and the Aalto University.

visiting Galleries in Vienna, spring 2015


Finding a place to rent in Kokkola is relatively  easy if you start ahead of time. Student accommodations can be found privately or through the student accommodation agency, Tankkari


Studies at the Nordic Art School entitle students to grants and subsidies from their respective home countries. In questions of eligibility, please refer to the student aid authorities in your country.


STUDENTS STUDIOS (some examples)